Monday, January 4, 2010

Super Meat Boy nominated for IGF Grand Prize!

Tommy and i found out last night that Super Meat Boy made it into the IGF for Audio (Danny, and Jordan rule) and is going head to head with Joe Danger for the GRAND PRIZE!! (also a few others but i know very little about them :) ).

take a look

Its awesome to be in the IGF again, its been 5 years since the last time a game i worked on was up for grand prize, im very proud of Meat Boy.

A lot of people have been bitching about the IGF finalist, as they do each year. of course there are quite a few games i thought should have made it, but im going to avoid the negatives and talk about the games im excited to see in march.

Star Guard! - Design
I love this game, and was worried it wouldn't make it to the finals. im very happy to see it in and honestly think it has a good shot at winning for design, its quite a little gem.

Tuning - Nuovo
Good shit, I honestly think this is cactus's best work. its one of few games i played from start to finish in one sitting and wanted more. really a great example of someone who totally understands how games are designed and one of few who i feel can and has approached game design from an abstract perspective without the game coming off contrived or not fun.

Enviro-Bear 2000 - Nuovo
I fucking love this game. its funny as hell.. so far i love everything this guy does, also check out the road to El Dorado. both show humor can be expressed through game design and both are done really well.

Closure -Tech, Nuovo, Audio
I am partial to this one because Tyler is a friend of mine, but its honestly a very unique game with a pretty neat theme.

Today I die - Nuovo
Another one i'm partial to because im a fan of Daniels, I wish i were the moon was a very great game and i think Today I die is another notch on his belt, very good stuff.

Owlboy - Visual
the 1st time i saw the art in this game i felt dead inside knowing id never be that good or have the patience to make a game with that much detail in it. I believe their artist is nuts.

I'm also excited to finally get to check out Limbo, Shank, Trauma and Joe Danger, all of them have been on my radar for a while.

Heh i just realized that almost all of my faves are in the Nuovo category, thank god for that category :)

Anyway, congrats guys! see you all in march.


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TarrTarr said...

Ufck. What about Gish2? I need to jack off.

Edmund said...

Gish 2 was canceled

TarrTarr said...

You - pure evil. I dont want to live now.

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