Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 year old vs Super Meat Boy!

My niece Acacia came over the other day to play test some Super Meat Boy, Shes 3.



Max Vanlancker said...

Damn, she did better than i would if i were three, im still not very good at the wall jumps :(

coolguy1 said...

that was great

Cjr said...

Wow, shes only 3 and playing and speaking better than me :s

Peaky said...

She's so cute! And such a pretty name too! :D

Nate Kling said...

Edmund, I see youre up to your old tricks again! Exploiting children to advertise for your game. Shame on you. haha Funny video ;)

soad667 said...

Hehe, really funny video. Keep it up... ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the PC release. Sounds hard though =/

strixowl said...

Aaah, she's so cute I can't stand it XD

"Where's Bandaid?"

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