Friday, October 16, 2009

Euro Gamer rant

So Time Fcuk will be shown in the next Indie Arcade hosting by Eurogamer next month in believe. They are also hosting a "video game rant" and have asked if i could make a 7 min video rant about something video game related.

I really want to do this but cant seem to settle on what to rant about.. i thought maybe talking about the design ideas behind Time Kufc, what it means to be indie, mainstream vs indie, why video games are art...

i dunno, is there anything you guys would want to see me rant about?


PS: Im feeling great, im almost 100% healed up and working again full time on SMB follow us on twitter to see all the new info and screen shots!


PsySal said...

Dunno what you should rant about, but somewhere in there I think you should liken the mainstream game instruty to a vestigal organ.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Am super happy you're feeling better (along with lots of others I'll bet!)

Demut said...

I would like to know how you guys came up with the idea and how you were able to create such an intense fusion of story and gameplay with so much depth.

... though this isn't something to rant about, I guess :P

Maybe you should rant about how superficial the majority of video games is nowadays (or rather how low the number of profound ones is) if this is something that bugs you.

Edmund said...

i might do something along the lines of a drawn analogy of the mainstream vs indie with commentary while i draw it out...

not sure yet. id like to talk about Time Fcuk but i feel it will take too long to do and i honestly have only a few hours to do this because of the IGF crunch.

Kelsey Higham said...

Time Cukf was inspired and confusing; I'd love to hear you rant even about a small aspect of it.

Anon said...

Time Fkuc was a masterpiece, I really hope there are more interviews/explanations about it because the meanings are so intense, just the dual endings had so much symbolism alone. I still think it's funny how much better Time Kfuc wass than Braid, and Time Fkuc was a free flash game :D

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