Monday, October 31, 2011

The Binding of Isaac Halloween update!

By 12noon Pst on Oct. 31st if you own the Binding of Isaac on Steam, you will get this....

BIG HALLOWEEN UPDATE (with no actual lame halloween themes)
-Added chapter 5 (unlocked after 10 mom kills)
-Added 3+ new bosses 
-Added 4 new enemies
-Added 20+ new items
-Added one new unlockable character (Eve)
-Added one new "FINAL" ending.
-Added 6+ new achievements
-Added 2 new music tracks
-Added updated collection viewer
-Added 4 new tarot cards (finishig the major arcana) 

-lots of small bugs were fixed
-load time fixed
-a few minor item balances

Also this is the most amazing Isaac fan art ever! Thanks 

Happy Halloween!


eXperiments said...

achievements steam is already online ^^

I'm so excited !!! Need !!!

Anonymous said...

Can't fucking wait :D

Danielleorama said...


Ragnar said...

that fan art HAS to be made into a poster. i'd SO buy the shit out of one of them :D can't wait for the update! (cue the weather girls "I'M SO EXCITED!)

Bar said...

Nice :)
And that fanart is awesome! :D

Anonymous said...

Any word on Mac achievements?

Really excited to play this, thanks Edmund!

Joseph said...

Fuck yes.
Hell fucking yes.

WayneBrady said...

Edmund, will the new tracks be added to the folders of those who purchased the Soundtrack on Steam?

Strkl said...

Awesome !

Is there a way to download/buy the new track ?

Charlie said...

Awesome, thank you Edmund for the free update.


Anonymous said...

so when exactly is 12noon in gmt, can someone tell cause i live in finland and dont know this :(

Anonymous said...

Id this it, or do i have to wait another goddam hour?!

Anonymous said...

Was it delayed?

Anonymous said...

Where is it!?

Anonymous said...

I'm fucking dying waiting for the

Anonymous said...

Its almost 13:00 PST which is 20:00 where I am soooo.... yeeeeah.

Anonymous said...

PATIENCE brother.
you swearing here and screaming at edmund is not going to make a difference. Mayby they are makin final adjustements, mayby it is just takin long, anyway, patience.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this as part of my halloween fun. A bit of Costume Quest first then get dark and nasty with this update xD

DarkXNightmare said...

Still waiting :(.

Anonymous said...

I want to play :(

Anonymous said...

It it noon yet? Way past. Where is the game??

Anonymous said...

Still not out yet?... What's wrong? No rush of course, but I'm a bit worried if it will in fact come out today/tonight at all...

Anonymous said...

From twitter: EdmundMcMillen Edmund McMillen
The steam update is delayed to to server maintenance, once its finished the udpate will go live. sorry about the wait :)
55 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

Edmund recently tweeted: "Just approved the build on steam, should go live in the next 20 min!"

13 minutes ago...

Grayson said...

Still no Mac achievements?

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Jonah said...

The Sheol boss has a terrible audio bug that slows down the game and destroys my ears.

Happened twice in a row. Boss is unplayable until fixed. :[

Ebook Erstellen said...

Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.

Blaze said...

couple pretty important things here.
I had the nail and whatever devil deal gives you a huge effin laser (I believe brimstone), and when you use the nail with that item, you can no longer fire anything at all in that room. (luckily I had mom's eye to back me up)
and then, this happened from a blood donation machine:
8 and a half soul hearts, yet somehow I died, and I only used it twice, so wtf? feel pretty cheated there, tryin to get 10 playthroughs for the new stuff :(

Hot Sake said...

Brimstone (pickup that turns you into a demon with the charge-up shot) doesn't seem to work with items that change your tears. I got Brimstone and then Technology, and I was unable to shoot for the rest of the game. I still managed to clear a couple floors with my Meat Cube and Forever Alone fly, but I eventually quit rather than face the prospect of doing that again.

Hot Sake said...

@Blaze: The blood donation machines only work off of regular hearts and can take a full heart each time, so it's quite easy to kill yourself if you're not careful.

Anonymous said...

i had never seen your game before

But when I discover the history and look the gameplay, I say:
WTF this game is awesome!!!!

When I get home ill buy it

OMG I can't wait

Anonymous said...

there's also a bug when getting dr. fetus + technology. you get to throw bombs but the laser doesn't work, it shoots a small beam that reaches just a couple spaces ahead.

InternetCitizen said...

Edmund, the final boss' "Rupture The Player's Eardrums And Crash To Desktop" attack is not fun. :P

David said...

Same problem here: last boss makes de game very slow and the audio is broken.
The game performs bad usually (why Flash?) but is doable, except the very final boss.
It is a pity, beacuse if this game were better optimized it would be just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the update finally went up Edmund. Do you have any idea when the achievements will be fixed for the Mac? I don't know if other Mac players have had this issue but Steam keeps listing my total play time as "1 minutes played" on the game.

Anonymous said...

No Mac achievements still? Seriously? I thought they were supposed to be included with the Halloween update :( Really bummed out by your support of the Mac version so far.

Anonymous said...

Mac, mac mac
Where are your GOD now??

And I have a Mac

Table said...

Maybe the audio is supposed to crash when fighting Satan? It is Satan after all....I can't imagine fighting him with all those bullets not being in slowmo :0

Jeust said...

The update looks sweet!

Will it be available outside of steam, for people that got it in the Humblebundle?


Dylan said...

Keybinds please! I'd like to get this working from my home-built arcade machine.

Anonymous said...

That would be awesome! Have you tried Joy2key

Bloodgrey said...

Don't know if it'si ntentional or a bug, I guess it's better to mention. Ouija Board has a kind of aiming issue on explosive barrels, fires and poop, kinda flies over sometimes, making it sometimes tedious to shoot them.

Carb TB said...

Magnifique update ! The last new boss is nicely hard.

Small bug with Eve : With the spelunker hat and the violet syringe, the freak face is only showing up when Eve is hit.

Thanks for this amazing piece of game, bests from Cheese World.

RKade said...

For the record, as an old school disabled gamer, this is an EXCELLENT game and I can't wait to see what new things are introduced as the patches progress.

RomanTheEvil said...

Will the 2 music tracks be included into the OST DLC?

Quine said...

Thanks for all the great new stuff Edmund! Two little things:

A bug:

1. Either you made devil pact rooms not appear when you have certain items, or there's a bug that makes them not appear on some play throughs. I've gone down every single floor multiple times now without getting any devil rooms, yet sometimes I'll have a play through and I'll get the regular amount.

A wish:

2. Any chance we could have an option to enable "infinite mode" or something where it just keeps generating extra floors until we die or reach 20+ or something?

Bliss Is Your Future said...

So, beat the game for the 6th time and unlocked EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE, then ran into a MAJOR bug - a Baphomet room opened up with a trapdoor to Sheol. I beat Satan and the game awarded me with my 7th win and the Wafer.

I mean, I'm not complaining about the unlocks, just thought you ought to know.

Laika_Moon-Doggy said...

Hi there!

I just wanted to drop you a quick bug report. I love playing the game and this happening made me super frustrated on what was looking to be a great play through.

As Eve i was in the Caves 1 and after i had 2 speed upgrade pills I somehow went diagonal into a small island piece of ground within a diamond of empty holes.


The H is me. I just wanted to let you know because i got stuck and had to exit the game. Like I said I love it and I dropped you guys some more cash at the Voxatron Bundle.

Keep up the Good Work!

Anonymous said...

Please improve optimalization!!! Such a wonderfull game and suach a terrible optimalization :-( I have i5 2500k + HD 6950 and such a game should work like a charm but I am experiencing contant sprite tearing (no vsync option) and noticeable fps drops. I love the game but coding/optimalization utterly sukcs :-(

zealot said...

Now that the game is available for Linux is there any chance to see it on Desura ( client.
It's the best way to play Linux games without all the usual Linux hassle!
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Do characters stay permanently unlocked once you get them? Because if so I have a problem. I got Eve last night, and now she isn't there. I have the achievement, and my collection log saved everything I got last night, just Eve is locked again.

Anonymous said...

Disregard that...I restarted and she is there? Ah well. Back to dying!

ALIENDUDE5300 said...

Any chance of this being released on Desura? :)

hirkyflobble said...

I think Sheol should be nerfed just a smidge. I don't mind a challenge, believe me. But to beat Satan everything in the game has to fall right powerup wise. Lots of health AND dps. The stage is long and evil without The Emperor card to shoot you straight in, especially after coming straight out of the womb fights, given that you did well in those. The joy of the game before was the ability to make lemonade from lemons. You could beat the game with a decent powerup set at that time, now you must be super lucky to win. Humble opinions.

hirkyflobble said...

To paraphrase, this game got George Lucas'd, as it was an already perfect creation. It wasn't broken, and it got broken.

Carb TB said...

Hi again.

Small trouble too with the bloody mouth given by the blood bag and the bobble head given by Mr. Mega.
Small question : Is there a better place to report bugs ?

Dr. Icemaul said...

The blackhead beam with the chocolate milk is graphically bugged. It allows you to shoot without charging which is great but the beam seems to shoot at the same direction visually but fires normally otherwise.

advicebanana said...

I think I found a bug, using the current version (Nov 4, 2011):

I found two Wheel of Fortune tarot cards in a room and used them, close to each other.
When being almost broke, I wanted to blow them up, set a bomb next to them...and only one was destroyed!
Please try to reproduce this. My bomb was really pretty close, right next to the one-armed bandits.

Awesome game, I beat mum twice (i. e. I have 1 kill so far). I'll keep going. :D

Dylan said...

@anon I can't use joy2key for this... my arcade is a hacked keyboard so it has to be keypresses.

Looks like this:

Anonymous said...

I think this must be a bug: Regularly when I find a Max HP up pill, it actually reduces my max Hp by one container. D:

Anonymous said...

the concept of greed remind me a chapter of ren y stimpy (ren hermit i think was the chapter) soory 4 my english. you got inspiration of this?


Anonymous said...

If we bought the game from the Humble Indie Bundle, will all this be included?

Anonymous said...

There's a progress deletion bug - I just lost Eve after unlocking her the other day, then played again today and she's gone.

Steam Forum notes on this bug, they seem to have a lead:

Anonymous said...

I beat satan 3 times now and after i restart the game it shows me only 10 endings. same with eve, i already had the 2 deals with the devil and unlocked eve, the next time i startet the game she was missing again.
archivements in steam still are there, archivements say unlocked, game says no.... that really sucks....

Todd said...

I can confirm, Eve is bugged. I unlocked her in one play session, and the next time I loaded the game she was locked again. :(

Myeka said...

First of all, thank you for creating such an amazing game, you definitely are my new god :)

But that's not the point, I'm here to report a really weird (and frustrating) bug that just happened to me.

I was fighting Satan with Maggy using Mom's Knife, and this weapon is so powerful I actually turned Satan back to stone :

Of course, he became invincible, so I couldn't beat him and had to quit the game.

And by the way, Mom's Knife is really too powerful, you just need one or two shot to kill any boss (even Mom's Heart). said...

Hi there,

occuring bug when collecting Brimstone and using Bob's Rotten Head. Isaac gets stuck, only able to move, but no more shooting or using items on space, or using cards / pills. It simply renders the game useless :(

I uploaded a video (bad quality, I know) so you can check out what it looks like:

Gotta be fixed, already ruined two runs D:

Anonymous said...

Quick bug report. Having both Brimstone and Lil' Chubby causes Brimstone to have addition lag before charging. It wont start charging until Chub has already been fired and is returning.

Anonymous said...

Could you add a second way for the Three-Skull Monty guy to spontaneously disappear (besides Skatole, which won't show up once you've got it)? I found myself just before the battle against Satan with 180-ish coins to spend (thanks to two lucky dollars) and nothing to spend them on except him, with no resource to care about except soul hearts. It's unfortunate when the most optimal strategy is so soul-crushingly boring.

Also: the word verification CAPTCHA is "choder". Wow.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the latest patch seems to have fixed the time played bug for Mac users. Still no Mac achievements. Any clue when we'll see those?

Dr. Quackzalver said...

Some way of betting more money at once on the shell-game npc or the slot machine would be very useful, since I often find myself with a ton of money towards the end, and, yeah, the optimal strategy is so tedious. I suppose it could be that way on purpose, but if not, that would really help.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where else to post this as the Steam forums are down but I've ran into a really bad bug. After the initial title loading screen the larger window boots to a black screen. Seems to be no way to recover and I'm hesitant about uninstalling as I might lose my progression of 20 mom kills...

Garuta said...

Are further patches and updates going to be available via the humble bundle page? I rather like using a standalone .exe file.

njlk said...

BUG REPORT: i unlocked the achievement "I need a hug..." by defeating the headless horseman.
btw the game is f. awesome! i liked so much that i put an extra tip for you on the Voxatron thing.

Anonymous said...

Great game, but I once encountered a bug (and that was after the halloween update):

While fighting death, I somehow managed it to push him out of the (right) screen behind the wall. I think I had bullets that flow through walls.

He had nearly 50% health, still used his clock spell and also attacked with his scythes, but I couldn't do anything. I just waited and shot at him, he sometime later (while I was near death) spawned again near the wall and soon after entered his second phase - the battle then continued normally.

Was the only bug I ever encountered in my 8 complete playthroughs and nearly 19 hours of gameplay. :O

Anonymous said...

since halloween patch i noticed that i sometimes get invincible while playing ??? not sure when but most likely when i get a full health pill. But as i don't check for being invincible usually it's hard to pin point what causes it.

Jackson said...

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Anonymous said...

what if steam isnt an option?
i downloaded the binding of isaac from the voxatron debut bundle a few weeks ago and now read that theres an update.

i cant get steam to run on my laptop so i cant go update it :/

Antoine said...

Just for the record, the Linux version of the game quickly becomes sluggish when there are many sprites on screen. Running the Windows version under Wine is much much smoother actually.
(I'd risk a guess and say that's because of Flash being poorly optimized under Linux)

Anyway, the game is really great (bought it on Humble Bundle).

Andrea Spadaccini said...

Hi! Great game! I got it with the Humble Voxatron Bundle. I love it, but:

- can you please release the update also for us? :)
- can you please update the embedded Flash Player version? It gets sluggish AND it cannot be full-screened

BTW, I use it under Linux.

Thanks a lot!

- said...

Great job team Meat! Waiting for your next update, hopefully something christmas-themed?

Ferdinand said...

Great update. Eve seems underpowered. Damage is SO low. The bird at the beginning is great, but the whore of babylon doesn't make up for her slow speed and terrible damage.

Also, I have had the game freeze/lock when I had both the Lucky Foot and the PhD and picked up a pill that I hadn't seen before. It just kept popping up that I had found a pill.

Luke said...

Hey Edmund - awesome game here, I've sunk 90 hours into it and enjoyed it more than any other game in recent memory. My first roguelike game.

Anyway mindless completionist that I am I've got everything but that Golden God achievement - and won about 8 games now hoping to run into the 3 items I'm missing from the collection - forget me not pill, mom's eye & the wafer I think.

Are items weighted so that new ones are more likely to appear? If so I think something's hosed in my game data.

Anyway, kept me engaged far longer than games with 100 times the production budget so props to you and Florian on it.

SoreThumb said...

FYI, I've been playing Isaac for the past month, and it is spectacularly addicting.

I only wish that I could continue finding more and more depth in the game. I JUST found "I AM ERROR" on my first successful ???-complete playthrough.

lastMagi said...

Astounding game guys. Finally got around to completing some of the Sheol content(won with Issac and ??? so far), and had to visit your blog again to give kudos. Very fun, often challenging, always addicting. Looking forward to a bigger content update! (psst, don't be afraid to make it paid DLC! You and your team deserve it!)

Alexander said...

I would pay 10$ for DLC with more items, random alternative areas, more rare secrets, bosses and characters.
Apart from Skyrim this is my game of the year 2011. I have not nearly spent as much time with any other game than with Isaac. SKYRIM INCLUDED.
Keep up the good work and make more Issac content.
You deserve it and Isaac deserves it!

Anonymous said...

Hey edmund I was just letting yoou know that I have never ever downloaded a computer game in my 16 years of living and this is the first game I have ever downloaded... Now you have me addicted and I have spent about 140 hours on this game. It is amazing and I have completed the game with everyone and I only need 3 more Items to get all the Items of the game... I Think that you guys should make a new Dlc and Dont even worry about making it cost money because I am guessing alot of your fans will pay for something like that... Thanks for the great gameplay :) and thanks for introducing me to indie games :)

Hooks said...

Hey Edmund, I know I'm not the first to mention this save's been deleted at least 3 times now. I really like the game, but it's frustrating to have this keep happening. Is there a fix?

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missingno said...

Where can I get the Linux version? I missed the Humble Bundle it was in and it looks like you're only selling it through Steam now.

MitchellTF said...

Hi, my name is MitchellTF, and I am a member of the blogs East of Nowhere, and I was wondering if there was anything I can do to help spread the word about this great, if hard, game. (I can't beat it!)

Pop me a message on my twitter, under mitchelltf, or e-mail me at MitchellMSFHigh(at)

Anonymous said...

Brimstone and Chocolate Milk also does not work. The first beam you fire in a room (at least if pre-charged) will not hurt anyone.

B-evil said...

Another update is on the way right?!

Anonymous said...

this is a bit late but is there any chance you could do a pvp for the binding of isaac? i was fighting a doppelganger and it reminded me of an old zelda rip off i used to play.

maybe something where you are given a certain amount of points to invest into the four attributes before a fight, giving a varied pvp experience each round.

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LucasK said...
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Anonymous said...

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knightberen said...
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Anonymous said...

Great job for buffing flying babies and angels in Wrath of the Lamb 1.333, genius -.-

Anonymous said...

Just bought the game and I love it! Great job :D Mac achievements would be really awesome though :(

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Eioira said...

Nice work! I am so gonna check the website. The art looks so amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to finish Tri Achnid 2? :c

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed, is this for real?

I don't remember any anouncement from you regarding pocket versions of gish so that got me worried.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Ding Michelle said...
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Anonymous said...

Edmund you should seriously offer some kind of open support channel somewhere that doesn't require the registration of some additional service (like your Formpsring, which for some reason doesn't think I'm eligible to even join).

I'm saying this because I bought Basement Collection and can't seem to boot Coil, and I have no idea where to turn. Steam usually just refers to the developer, which is you, so...

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