Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quick update news

1st off sorry for the lack of response in the comments.. i actually forgot about my blog for a few days..

anyway i just wanted to mention that Isaac was updated on steam. here is what was fixed.
-Fixed wall clipping bug
-Upgraded game save so it wont be deleted by clean up tools
-Added options to the start screen
-Added control options within the options menu
-Added lefty support
-Added azerty keyboard options
-Fixed minor music issues

-Added more alt bosses.

Note: there is a 2nd update coming soon! that should fix.

-Crashing due to lag
-Mom wall bug issues
-Music issues
-Items not saving
-a few more small issues

Mac users! your update is coming monday, but youll have to wait a bit longer for the flashachievements app that unlocks your saved achievements (i need to buy a mac and tommy needs to make the app). Dont worry though, all your achievements are saved ingame and will unlock at startup once you have the app udpate.

For PC users who are still not getting achievements, check your computer permissions there is a chance if you arent running as admin your pc will block achievements from unlocking (this is rare though).

ok real update about new content coming soon!



Louis Filiatrault said...

I am experiencing a mysterious and frustrating issue preventing me from playing the game at the moment. Is there an address where I could mail you about this or can I describe the problem here?

Edmund said...

feel free to post it here

Magitek said...

Binding of Isaac is a great game, but if there's anything I'm not entirely comfortable with it's the core mechanic of shooting tears and the way that inertia affects their trajectory. It doesn't seem to mesh smoothly with the notion of directing a rapid stream of weak pellets, considering how crucial it is for the player to avoid damage. Dodging the enemy means contantly moving, and keeping a steady bead on your target is often impossible as a result.

This problem instantly evaporates with the Chocolate Milk powerup, though. I found it early on in one of my playthoughs, and I found the charge-up mechanic to be immediately intuitive and very fun. Nailing enemies with a single huge ball seemed to have a much better feedback than pecking away with an inconsistent stream of pellets.

So I guess the point of this point is a question/request: Would you consider adding an alternate starting character that began the game with charge-up tears? Presumably it would be weaker than the actual Chocolate Milk power-up, while retaining the same basic feel. I suppose if it were to fit into a character class archetype it would be that of an Archer, relying on fewer but more accurate shots to succeed.

PS. I noticed that there's no direct link to Coil anywhere on your blog. Coil owns. You should make another game like Coil.

Louis Filiatrault said...

All right. I booted the game two or three times on the day following release, and succesfully played a few attempts. During the last of these attempts I switched to full screen, and eventually quit the game. Since that session, every attempt to launch the game has resulted in the following: the loading screen appears as expected for a reasonable amount of time, but then only the sound of the intro and menu plays, with no visual indication that the game is running and no way to interact with it. The application does not appear in my task bar, and does not always show in the task manager when I ctrl+alt+del (meaning I need to reboot my computer to stop the sound). Deleting the local content from Steam, as well as deleting the remaining files in the Steam folder after uninstalling, has not resolved the problem.

Any idea how to fix this? First impressions were great, and I'd hate to miss out : )

Harrison said...

Mozilla Firefox is still removing the save after clearing browser cache/cookies. (Latest patch.) I've unlocked characters several times now only to have them removed each time. (Items found being removed a slight annoyance as well.) Fantastic game, I love playing it! This one minor problem is just annoying enough I suppose from letting me really sink my teeth into it.

384Sprites said...


I love how the tears/"arrows" are affected by the movement of the character. I can dodge out and shoot and curve my shots at baddies hiding behind rocks. Also the boomerang (forgot the power-up name) works well with this feature as well.

This game owns! For any who are interested in Edmund's other games I highly recommend Aether, this game is bomb-ass.

Magitek said...


Don't get me wrong, I do like the shot-curving in principle. It just seems that in practice it works better with slower, more deliberate shots rather than a steady stream of autofire.

And yes, the game is a lot of fun. I've already spent 10 hours with it and look forward to exploring everything it has to offer.

Anonymous said...

I've send U an email about The Binding of Isaac. Can U give me a feedback soon? I know Ur workin' on game but I'm waiting for it as little boy ;)

cos said...

i also had this problem. try this: go to the game's folder, right click the exe and check the Run in 640x480 box and run it. the game should start in fullscreen and 640x480 res, but you should be able to choose another fullscreen resolution from the options menu or go back to windowed mode. worked fine for me at the next restart.

@edmund: perhaps you could set the azerty and lefty options to off instead of on, by default?

excellent game, btw. haven't done much else this weekend because of it.

Anonymous said...

Edmund, what are the other games that I can easily find to buy that you can recommend me? I mean, games that you like, that inspired you and this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

"For PC users who are still not getting achievements, check your computer permissions there is a chance if you arent running as admin your pc will block achievements from unlocking (this is rare though)."

dunno what you mean by this. i just tried setting all three of the applications in the binding of isaac folder as run as administrator. achievements still dont work, but when i started it, both azerty and the lefty flip were activated. weird.

Anonymous said...

Any change to get the Steam overlay and screenshots to work in game?

Anton said...

As a huge fan of SMB since its release (Got my awesome SMB Tshirt today) I'm confused how you've treated this brilliant game (no steam interface, save system etc.)

I lost 6-7h of progress today, 4 characters unlocked, 54 item collections, 5 mom kills but still got my 14 achievements.

I've been extremely cautious about keeping saves secure and whatnot but after the last update everything was reset.

I've never even had a glitch in-game so this really pains me.

I'm confused what to do now as I don't dare to play again... *feeling so let down* And this is coming from a guy with a lot of patience, don't mind grinding in games basically, loving difficult games etc. etc.

It'd be great with a personal response, my email antonforsander [at]

Anonymous said...

If you guys are checking issues on Mac, can you see if you can find where the soundtrack is getting downloaded on the Mac. I bought the bundle off of Steam and can't seem to find the soundtrack anywhere.

DadouXIII said...

Game is amazing, I love the way Isaac powers up and changes forms :P

But I've noticed some inconsistancies the way the upgrades stack!

When you picking the Sad Onion, you get double the tear fire rate, and Isaac starts crying a lot more. Now when you pick up The Virus just after that, Isaac gets all sick, keeps the double fire rate, gets poison damage. But the super crying animation goes away! How come?
And a graphic indicator to show that enemies are poisoned would be awesome!

It's just little things I keep noticing here and there. I will keep posting them here if it doesn't bother anyone, could be useful!

Anonymous said...

How was the game released for Mac without you owning a Mac or testing it on a Mac?

For future release notes on Steam, can you please post if it is for PC or Mac? Your last release never mentioned that it was PC only.

greg said...

just received the mac update, there goes my save file :( please fix , thank you!!

ariamaki said...

I've noticed a strange issue in my Secrets Found page- After unlocking several secrets, very early on, I noticed that one page in the Secrets list is a duplicate of another page.

And every time I unlock new secrets, it changes what it is a duplicate OF-- It always looks like my most recently unlocked Secret.

By process of elimination, I've figured out that it is the "Unlocked Maggy" page, as it is right next to the Yum Heart, as Cain is next to the Lucky Foot.

Louis Filiatrault said...

cos: Thanks for the reply and the suggestion. However, going in Properties and checking said box does not make the application visible any more than before. What's more, I stopped seeing the loading screen at all in my last few attempts. Hope this can be fixed somehow!

384Sprites said...

A game add that would slay. Is to see a screen that shows all the iterations of looks you've achieved. Or maybe unlocking them and show Isaac (like a separate screen like there is for unlocks and inventory) and the ability to turn them on/off. Not sure if that makes sense. Sometimes I create a ^&$&^%$ masterpiece of a character and it sucks because I'll never see the little dude again (or if so a long time from that point)

Anonymous said...

So tonight I made it through the game and beat Mom for the first time, but I didn't get the I Killed Mom achievement, and my Mom Kills count remains at zero. I did get the relevant in-game secrets though (Womb, Cube of Meat, Harbingers), and the Epilogue is on my Endings list.

While I'm reporting bugs, when I start up the game in windowed mode, the window refuses to hide behind other windows (if I alt-tab to something else) until I switch to fullscreen and back.

Anonymous said...

Addition to above: Starting the game again gives me my achievements, but my Mom count is still at zero. Seems rather odd (there are achievements tied to your kill count, so it seems like it would be directly tied to that) but as long as my secrets and achieves work I don't care too much.

Ryan O. said...

This is an awesome game. I am eagerly awaiting more content (not that I've even unlocked everything yet!). I hope you continue to support this game. And I promise to continue telling my friends to buy it as long as you do!

Falmil said...

Twice now I've experienced a bug where I put the game aside and go to another window and the game will close on its own. It seems like if it is out of focus long enough that it will just close itself.
The only way I can seem to reproduce it is if I have another window focused on top while the game is loading, which will make the game able to be underneath other windows. From there, it eventually closes if left underneath a window long enough.

NayBlue said...

Love the game, but I have some complaints. One, I'm not sure you can call Isaac opening a chest to reveal new items "alternate endings". I feel like if the game has a lacking it's in the story department. With the game having so many different play outcomes, it would have been cool if you had just thrown every story idea you could think of into the game. It would have been rewarding to play through not knowing what the final story would be every time. As is It's still tons of fun, but i'm playing through for the achievements. Also I've got tons of items unlocked and the game is now too easy, I just beat the game for the 7th time with 37 total deaths. After unlocking "Everything is Terrible" I expected a much harder game, but I beat the game again on my next attempt. Maybe the slight lag I get when the screen is full of enemies is a huge advantage for me? Finally, my fav enemies are the Riders soooo creepy, and I love the animations. hay!!!

NayBlue said...

One more note, Time KUFC is one of my all time favorite games.

Edmund said...

@lousis Try deleting local content and reinstalling

Anonymous said...

Minor spelling error. On the death of Cain, the end statistics letter finishes "Cane" rather than "Cain".

Louis Filiatrault said...

I did, first thing (just didn't specify reinstall in my first description). Will try again and thanks for the reply in any case.

Anonymous said...

It's now Tuesday... when is the Mac update coming out?

Joe said...

This game has been fantastic so far, easily the best purchase I've made this year, better than a lot of 60 dollar games I could mention.

I've already gotten a good 40 hours out of this game, I've gotten pretty much everything done except my iron man run, and I can't wait for that update.

Thanks Edmund, this game is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Went into a challenge room... had to go afk, and paused immediately after opening the chest. When I came back and unpaused, all three waves had spawned simultaneously. That was an interesting fight >.<

Anonymous said...

I've played to completion over 468 PC games to date love your game for many, many reasons. You've woven depth, strategy, adventure, and action into a simple, intuitive interface. Much of the game's brilliance is found hidden behind the cutesy graphics and minimal control scheme. Pulling back the gloss, this is as pure an homage to the NES Legend of Zelda as I've ever had the pleasure to play. I find the comparison to Rogue-likes a little unfair because the 1984 Rogue was actually infuriating. The Binding of Isaac has purpose behind its hundreds of items and random room designs, meaning you never feel like death is purely a reflection of a chance encounter. The more I play the more I learn how to play better, and the more that opens up the more exciting things get.

My main concern you've already fixed (having the graphics options "save" between game loadups). I would like to point out the following things you may wish to further improve upon:

1. Some of the weapon pickups don't accurately reflect your stats on the pause menu. For example, the "lazer tears" seem to have unlimited range and yet aren't shown as such.
2. Exiting the game leaves behind a Binding of Isaac .exe left running under Task Manager, as well as leaves behind a partially obscured image of what is shown when initially booting up the game.

All in all, I haven't finished the game yet, but I've played enough to recognize your talent.

Thank you very much, and I wish you success on this, and future projects.

Anonymous said...

i want to tell you, there is links of free downloads, please try to do something... it is unfair that we buy it... and some guy uploaded without a week of release...

Tyler said...

I discovered a goofy bug: I was fighting Mr. Maw (the monster that extends its head) with both Mom's Contact and Number One, and when the monster froze sometimes it would spawn extra Maw heads.

Probably not the highest priority bug, but I figured you might want to know. Excellent game, totally fun, etc.

NayBlue said...

In regards to Mr.Maw, I've also noticed some bugs. Quite a few times I've seen it do the head shooting move (launches the head jack in the box style) except the body launched another body instead of a head. Also one time after killing one half of Mr.Maw the other half became invisible. It kept shooting at me but I could not see it.

Ben said...

Love the game, but can't help thinking it could run much faster on my netbook at the lowest resolution and detail settings.

The slowdown I experience whenever there are a few moving objects on the screen doesn't make the game unplayable, but it does make it too easy.

I hope future patches will address this, as I'm holding off playing until I can do so at the intended difficulty level.

Blacksmith said...

Hello Edmund.

I think i might of found what i can't really call a bug but a 'workaround' of sorts to beating the the game for the first time.

I got to the final level on my first completion playthrough and found a shovel. Not knowing what the shovel did i used it and it teleported me to another level which to my knowlege isn't supposed to exist until your second playthrough.

I realise i got extremely lucky but i was just wondering what your thoughts are on that.

The game is phenominal, keep up the good work and updates.


384Sprites said...

When will we see a dedicated website... Also an Isaac figure like the big ol' Meatboy (I bought two). Lastly,,,, does anyone know what the
bat does? I think it said essence of vampire.... I thought it would make me immune to blood that the brains left behind... guess not. =>

nobody said...

Hi Edmund. This is such a great game!

I wanted to report that the latest update (October 4th/5th) has solved most but not all of the saving issues.

In my most recent playthrough I unlocked both Cain (50+ coins) and Judas (and his hat, by defeating Mom's heart). Upon relaunching the game, the Killed Mom stat has reset to zero, Judas' fez no longer shows up in the list of Secrets Found, and Judas is not unlocked. Cain, however, remains unlocked. And the Judas achievement still shows up in Steam.

Not sure if this is a continuation of the previous save issues, or if this is perhaps a new bug that consistently shows up when unlocking both characters simultaneously.

Hope this info helps you sort things out...

Kevin said...

Any chance you can move fullscreen to a key further away from the movement keys? It's really frustrating to knock the F key in the middle of a battle and then die when the screen is blank as it's switching to fullscreen.

Anonymous said...

Since the latest update, I haven't been able to start the Binding of Isaac. So, yeah... there is that :(.

Louis Filiatrault said...

Regarding Anon's comment: would that be the same issue that I described above? Loading screen (or sometimes nothing at all), then sound only?

Uninstalling the game, deleting the Isaac folder, reinstalling and booting the game directly from Steam as well as from a shortcut when Steam is not running still does nothing for me. I did see the application in the task bar for a second while my computer was in the process of shutting down, briefly shifting to the 640 x 480 resolution which I had requested the game to launch in, so that was sort of encouraging... Now to make it visible the rest of the time.

Dante Volkmire said...

I, too, am experiencing the damned problem where it just won't get past that loading splash screen. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the game numerous times, I've verified the game cache to kingdom come, I've tried every so-called "fix" on the Steam boards...nuttin'.

Pit said...

Louis Filiatrault,

Did you try to hit "F" while you hearing the sound?

I had a similar problem. Everytime I put the game to fullscreen, the next time I restart the PC and play TboI, the screen is just black and I only hear the sound, but by hitting F it changed it back to windowed mode.

seeing that it doesn't even show up on the task bar, this might not work but try it anyways. :)

Louis Filiatrault said...

Pit: I already tried to press F at numerous points, but thanks.

Anonymous said...

Found a bug involving ladders and the headless jumping guys. If one is trying to go after you, and you stand on a ladder over a pit in the corner, it jumps close to you, then just stands still.

Can't post a picture because the little buggers all jumped in a fire before I could get said picture.

I'll post one in a bit if I get a similar dungeon.

Anonymous said...

Picture of above dungeon for reference:

teedle said...

is steam cloud a possibility?

Rafael Cobra Teske said...

Hey Edmund!

I didn't know how to send you this, I hope you read your blog comments now and then. Here are some ideas:

1) Try to get Florian to oficially join Team Meat, and slap a logo on The Binding of Isaac. I know you probably like being independent, but branding is important ("Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl" is waay too big to say).

2) Please add Steam Cloud. I know that the save is just a very small text file, I am sure that Valve would gladly help a metascore 85 game.

3) Mid-game save. I know the game is supposed to be short, but when you try to enter every room in every level, a complete run can take more than one hour. Since you can't go up on the levels, you guys would simply need to save the current level and character stats in another small text file (and probably which bosses appeared and what items dropped). A "Save and go to main menu" option would be perfect.

4) Input doesn't work if Synergy is opened (

5) Plushies. Judas please.

Also, I just want to say that you are a big inspiration. Looks like if you make a shitload of games and keep your love for pajama pants, one day you might hit it. Congratulations.

gisc said...

Edmund, first of all THE GAME IS EPIC! Today when I tried to open the game, it gives me an error saying that the game unexpectedly quits but the loading screen still appears. When I click the relaunch button, the error immediately pops up again. After 5 min, the loading screen goes away. Do you know why it does this and how can I fix it?

Gonkey said...


It has to b number XIV.
I'm playing mac ver.

RoninX said...

Brilliant game, but...

How about adding a difficulty setting to make it more accessible for casual gamers -- and more of a challenge for the hardcore?


Rafael Cobra Teske said...

Edmund, just another Isaac bug report. The homing tears (from third eye and that black companion) and the level 3 meat boy don't go towards the enemies on the Mom fight on Depths II. They tend to go to the last position where the leg was (when its not on screen) or the left door. This is kinda bad because these are some of the best items you can get, and they become almost useless because of this bug.

On Womb II they tend to go to the last position where the heart was, but that's not such a big problem because enemies spawn there anyway.

Anonymous said...

Love the game. Play it a ton.

Sometimes the game won't save.

Devil Deals and Blood Machine aren't consistent. One will kill you with Faith Hearts, the other won't. Please make it so the blood machine won't kill you if you have Faith Hearts remaining.

Shawn M said...

Bug Report:

1) Doesn't remember fullscreen option

2) Sound doesn't work, at all.
I'm running on Windows XP with SP3.

Tried toggling the sound options while the game was running, doesn't do anything.

That is all.

Shawn said...


Sound issue was due to DirectX driver lockup. Correctable by closing competing programs.

Sounds great btw.

That is all.

Gamesiarz said...

Dear Edmund can you add real achievements system? Now its working similar to every flash game and it can be easily hacked so imo its kinda unfair.


Austin L. said...

Any bugs I've noticed were talked about above I believe. The homing effect during the mom battle was a recent one, if I was close to an enemy they'd shoot towards them, but otherwise it'd circle wherever the foot last stomped. And every time I had a meat boy who could run around, he always bolts towards the door/eye on the left side of the room and stayed put.
Also, the game sometimes closes a few seconds after I resume my computer after putting it to sleep in the middle of a playthrough, kind of annoying, but no big deal.
Other than that, nothing game breaking yet and this game is phenomenal, 30+ hours spent and it's such an easy game to play quietly in class during those boring lectures! Keep it up, looking forward to the update (and praying it won't be the last!)

StaticPrism said...

Found a glitch when fighting Pestilence. I was shooting him continuously, and pushed him back past the wall to the point where he couldn't move, and it was impossible for me to damage him with arrows or bombs.

Here's a picture of the situation:

John Teti said...

Since the last update, I don't get any sound effect when I pick up a special item (e.g., dog food, Book of Revelations). Keys and coins and whatnot make the normal sound, but when I get one of those special items, it's just an empty silence. Not a huge bug, but any ideas how I could fix this one? It persists after restarting the game and the computer.

Olson said...

why was this coded in flash? I wish I would have known this before purchase. I have wasted 5 dollars because it runs like garbage. Controls lag and happen 10 seconds after I do them. Too bad too because it looks like a fun game. I hope you have more fun with my money than I did.

Ronald said...

Could you please add 1154x864 screen resolution to the game?

Other than that and the lag issues, it's all good. :)

InternetCitizen said...

Great game, Edmund! Worth the price of admission. Logged more hours on this than I care to admit.

some critique though: stop creating stuff of this magnitude in flash.

I realise that it is a good platform for many things, but "full screen games that can turn into bullet hell shmups" has never been one of them.

Flash shits the bed the moment more than a certain entities appear on screen, even with I5 processors, and I am sure you know this. This isn't needed for a game like this, it is just how terrible flash is when it comes to what it can use for resources.

For how the game looks like(don't get me wrong, I love your style =]), it does not warrant the the power required to run.

Plus it would really open up your target audience and you wouldn't have to resort to Joy2Key "google it!" stabs, which is probably caused again by Flash being the foundation of the game.

Gamesiarz said...

Im playin on medium window size and it looks cool, but now we need some new info about upcoming update :)

Anonymous said...

There is a new little update on steam:

-fixed bug leaving a room thru a broken door
-item pickup sounds now play properly
-save system improved
-fixed music bug with boss music/ambush room music
-removed a few exploits that break the game
-prepped the game for Halloween update coming on the 31st!

Anonymous said...

Found some bugs:
1. When Mom's heart is about to start throwing those exploding balls, her voice repeats for a few seconds, making it like there are a dozen different voices that call:"Isaaaaaaaac"
2. Eating a pill which reduces health: when you only have one heart, shouldn't you die instead of... living without life left?

I also have trouble with the splash screen. I don't even hear the menusounds.

Anonymous said...

After the last patch there now exists a bug when you have a piece of meat and 2 pretty flies, what happens is that if you get a 3d pretty fly then it replaces the meat altogether and henceforth delets it..

But Edmund I really love this game!
You did a wonderfull job!!

Much Love from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to get 100% of the game I have everything but 2 items still missing its seems to be pill and card cuz it wont save...

Numbers said...

Yeah, what that last guy asked.
Are those two items just bugged or did people just not find how to unlock them yet?

Ian said...

Firstly, this game is just pure amazing. I was planning on buying it based on SMB, and even though the game's summary was a bit offputting, I decided to buy it anyway. There's nothing I would change about this game, and it's so entertaining to watch that HDMI'ing it quickly became the staple of our dorm's television for the past week, leading to several more buying it. I have just one question:

Are there any plans for an "Endless" mode, where you reset to the first room with the powerups you had when you beat Mom, continuing until you either get every power up or die? It seems natural to want to see just how badass Isaac would get as power ups pile up higher and higher.

You rock,

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the game! Just curious if there was an ETA on the the mac achievements app.

Math is ON said...

Soooo Any update on that...update? I've all but finished the game and I can't wait for more! Post something! Anything!

Gianmichele Mariani said...

Thanks! You're a real inspiration.

Now a more tech question. Is the game developed entirely with Flash? Even the one on Steam?


Unknown said...

Mac update. Please. It'd be nice to see my achievements/game play time.

Nathan said...

Once again, a great hardcore feeling, as in Super Meat Boy plus adaptive difficulty... good job.

Moses said...

First and foremost, great game, super fun, and I'm eagerly awaiting the update!

Now, a suggestion. Please please PLEASE add some sort of "endless mode" where you can keep going as long as you survive, and beating the end boss allows you to start the game over again with all the items you previously had.

I can't be the only one who's unlocked everything and now plays with the intent of SPECIFICALLY finding and experimenting with certain item combinations, and trying to get them in a single playthrough can be nearly impossible.

Anonymous said...

I just finished Satan through ear-rape and lag only for it to close on me. No item, no ending, just an achievement for my troubles.
Yeah, I'm pretty pissed. Definitely not playing again till its fixed.

Robert said...

After halloween update I've noticed many gltiches straight on my first playthrough:

1)Aforementioned bug with F not making game go into full screen/resolution not changing.

2)Frequent game crashes not saving items and secrets. (hard to see the pattern here)

3)Picking up Full-Health pill with XXX makes character invulnerable to any damage. (super cheap)

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Your Friend said...

Hey! I love your game. Been playing it for days straight practically. As a side note though, achievements still don't work on Mac. I know achievements are silly, but still. Thanks!

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