Wednesday, September 28, 2011

little launch update

So there were a few minor bumps with the launch, came out a few hours late, the launch build was actually an older beta build without achievements and minor music issues.. but we were able to update asap and patch the issues right away.

For most of the day Isaac was the #2 highest grossing game on Steam! amazing stuff! thanks to everyone who picked it up and did video play throughs, podcasts and livestreams of the game, its been yet another surreal launch experience .

It might not make sense to most, but launching a game really takes an emotional tole on you regardless of how the game does, so i really want to thank all of you who went out of their ways to live stream the game, sent me awesome emails and fan pics, you really picked me up.... so now to give back!

Well as i mentioned in my previous post, there has been a lot of talk about a Halloween patch next month if the game was received well, this is obviously the case. So on oct.31st be ready for a very dark and jam packed FREE update to isaac, that will add a lot more to the game... but 1st.

Kill mom already!


update notes:
-We are aware of a few bugs (wall bug, secret room bug, alt tab bug, etc) and are compiling an update for this weekend that should fix them.

-The Mac version of the game IS saving your achievements, but not rewarding them yet. Tommy is currently working on an app to fix this this week.. so dont worry mac people, all your achievements are there in your save and will be unlocked on steam once we patch the game!

-Anyone still not getting achievements on Pc after they have updated, delete your local content and redownload the game, it will fix any issues.


To super fans:

-The Binding of Isaac Tshirt is now up! GO BUY IT!

-Danielleorama is currently working on the 1st run of BOI plushes, shoudl be out in the next few days, ill update here when they are up fro sale.

-The BOI limited edition hand printed development zine is currently in the works, i will post info here and via twitter as it develops. 

-there is a wiki in the works for Isaac, go help out! 


Septa said...

Congratulation !
The Game is nice.
But do you think you'll had a way to configure the keys in the game ?
In a lot of Countries people. don't use quwerty keyboards.

@PierreMura said...

Awesome game.
Congratulations !
Just got the I killed mom ! and Basement Boy achievements, I need to calm down ^^

Anonymous said...

you can switch azerty to qwerty keyboard by pressing ALT+SHIFT at the same time and vice-versa; but yes, an keyboard customization option would be nice.

Great game !

Anonymous said...

You need to define more language keyboards in windows to do that :

Groovy Poney said...

Hey edmund!

Amazing game...
died a lot, killed some bosses, but never had the same thing twice...

Good job on the procedural/random generation!

A few problems:
- as the others said, being able to change the controls'd be nice..
(No qwerty keyboard..)

- a full screen option too...
(even low-res'd be nice..)

Anyway, great game!

Edmund said...

the game can be made full screen at any time in the options menu, just pause the game and click full.

we are looking into alt control setups

Dexan said...

Just beat mom with 11 that good or bad haha?

You really hit the nail on the head with this one. So awesome. I had the help of a little old friend in the final battle against mom, so epic. I can't wait to find all the rest of the items! Thanks for the great game Edmund!

Groovy Poney said...

Ahah I'm stupid!
Did try alt+enter or F11, but didnt saw the option menu...

(in fact, I thought there was none, as there's no entry for it on the title screen..)

Anonymous said...

You can switch fullscreen mode hitting the "F" key :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you know about the bug while fighting Monstro that if you get knocked back by him close to a wall you get knocked out of the game.

Mr.Buttocks said...


Re: "delete your local content and redownload the game, it will fix any issues"

Other than the game files in \Steam\steamapps\common and the so.sol file in \AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[random]\localhost\ are there any other local files I should be deleting? I've deleted those files and reinstalled the game but I'm still not getting achievements.

Also, the following error appeared in Event Viewer at the time of the original install of the game: "Activation context generation failed for "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\the binding of isaac\FlashAchievements.exe". Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC90.DebugCRT,processorArchitecture="x86",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",type="win32",version="9.0.21022.8" could not be found. Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis."

It doesn't appear on subsequent installs, but I thought I'd bring it to your attention just in case.

Unknown said...

Loving the game! and the soundtrack is awesome as well. i hope your launch-day-labor pains are over and you can enjoy all the positive feedback coming towards you!

i, for one, haven't had any buggy encounters or problems but i really REALLY appreciate all the work you put into being there for your games and their players (replying on twitter, etc!)

rock on!

Anonymous said...

I am loving it so far when I am able to play it. I am having this bug where the game just doesn't open. I hear the music and the opening intro after starting up, but nothing pops up after the loading screen disappears.

Anonymous said...

Please try and figure out another way of saving. The way it saves now is deleted when your clear your browser history which is a major downside for me :(

Anonymous said...

Game is fun but has NO music on my system. Music plays during the intro, but once you get to the title screen it stops and you can only hear sound effects. Is this a known issue?

Anonymous said...

achievments don't seem to work, and i already redownloaded the game.

although im not entirely sure that i eartned any yet.

Anonymous said...

Loved the game. Unfortunately I cleared Chrome's history on my iMac and lost my save, including Cain and the much needed luck.
Also, Steam is not keeping track of time played, only the number of times (~ minutes) the launcher was used.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the saving system and the lack of configuration is a real downside for me :/

Awesomannen said...

love the game :D and i buyed the game with the soundtrack.. but i didn't get the sondtrack :O how to i get it :( i realy want it.. and I have looked in the "tools" tab, but it's not ther :( plz help me :)

Anonymous said...

Awesomannen : It's downloaded with the game, check the content of the folder it should be there.

The game is fun and all but I'm not really fond of the whole flash thing...

Anonymous said...

The performance I'm getting in this game is horrible (dropping down to 2-3 frames) if a projectile hits the wall and the more crowded the battle scene gets.

I'm running a PC configuration way above the recommended specifications of Isaac.

Anonymous said...

I just lost all my save data.
This is ridiculus...i hope the patch comes soon. -_-

Do you have the lastest macromedia flash and stuff?.
I play the game in 800x600 really fast.

anon said...

After updating through Steam (which necessitated manually terminating the v1.0 process), and subsequently deleting the two files from the localhost directory, progress was saved between Play/Launch 1 and 2, but attempting a 3rd launch/playthrough has resulted in all progress being lost. I hope this can be fixed.

anon said...

update: a little more information:

Launching again, I see that it has saved the Endings Found (1) and the Secrets info (though I could swear that on previous launch these had reverted to zero), but has reverted the Items Found to 14. Mom Kills is also 0, but that never changed to 1 or 2 after defeating her two times.

Some more information: The so.sol file Date Modified timestamp is from the first time I played after updating through Steam (defeating Mother once). It looks like it wasn't modified after the second launch/playthrough.

While the initial Steam release (v1.0?) had placed a so.sol and a lo.sol file in the localhost directory, this updated version created only a so.sol file. No lo.sol file was created.

Hope that helps. I'm on XP SP3. Flash is updated to

Christian said...

I am loving the game. I was wondering if there are any plans for controller use in the future.

Kaese said...

Achievements just don't work for me.
I tried everything humanly possible.

-I reinstalled the game multiple times
-I deleted the .sol files multiple times
-I used the ingame stat reset multiple times
-I verified the game cache multiple times
-I tried to run the FlashAchievements.exe and give it admin rights
-I disabled my anti virus (no software firewall)
-I updated the Flash Player to the newest version
-I made it to the spider or beaten mom multiple times on fresh installs/saves
-I tried running the game without Steam or Steam overlay off to see what happens
And now I am out of ideas.

Can we atleast get some kind of confirmation that we will unlock the achievements we already earned once it works based on the save/sol? (On PC)
Unlocked all characters and 2 endings so far and I hesitate playing more without grabbing the achievements.

Anonymous said...


The game is really good, incredibly fun and incredibly difficult. : P

I can not wait for the plush. :)

ThaPlague said...

Amazing and fun game Edmund. Well worth the $5 and then some. Hell I would have paid $10 or $15 for this game. Looking forward to the halloween patch.

Awesome work!!

Anonymous said...

Incredible game.
But the difficulty is strange:
It was really really hard to kill Mom on chap. 3 for me (with Isaac). Then I finished the game with Magdalene, without any huge problem.
And now (I've played 2 more times), I found the Relic on floor 1, and it was really easy (With Cain then with Judas), with all the soul hearts.
(Is the Relic a bit overpowered, or am I just the BBB (Basement's Big Boss) ?

Elliot said...

Excellent game! I did not expect to get so incredibly addicted.. I've already logged 14 hours in the past couple days.

Anonymous said...

if you want to use a pad.
you can use Xpadder or RemoteJoy to Key programs.

Anonymous said...

Please just acknowledge that you are aware that the save system is very shitty and that we don't want to have to start over everytime we clear our browser history.

Anonymous said...

Love the game but I missed (xbox)controller support :(

Anonymous said...

there is a lot of fixes in the steam forum for the save problem.

anon said...

Those fixes on the Steam forums boil down to making sure that you're not running something like CCCleaner or having your web browser flush browsing history (including flash local files, I guess) upon exit.

Unfortunately, none of those apply to me -- the so.sol file exists, and was last modified yesterday after my first playthrough since the Steam update, but not after my second. I'm loathe to "waste" another half hour of playing to see none of the statistics/items/etc. stick again. I guess I'll put this aside until further updates.

Again, great game, but unfortunately marred at the moment by these save issues. The perils of using Flash for a commercial release, I guess. (Though wasn't the first release of VVVVVV a local-playing Flash game? I think that managed to nonetheless use Steam's cloud-save feature even before it's C++ re-release.)

Anonymous said...

Arrrgh. Played for a couple hours, on the fourth time my game crashed upon clearing a room. Went to do something else for a while, when I reloaded the game my save data was gone. I don't clear my browser history, so that's not it.

Guess I'll leave the game alone and try again after the weekend update. The game was pretty great from what I got to play.

Unknown said...

While I love the game a lot (its like a Zelda meets Dungeons of Dredmor) I have to ask why you substituted the horseman Conquest for the fake horseman Pestilence?

Kithrus Crases said...

Just a personal issue I take offense to at times but picture you laughing evilly to yourself as god of your world...

rooms hat spawn enemies in the center of the room surrounded by pits almost always spawn items I can never have and given the length of a single play through many chances at developing a character are lost.

Yes I know a latter is there its also 15 cents which is a huge out of the way purchase for only the rare chest in the center.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the Steam bundle that contained the soundtrack, but I can't find the soundtrack. People have been posting where to find it for PC but I have a Mac and things are stored differently. I can't find it anywhere. Is this a bug or is it just really well hidden?

Anonymous said...

I will kill for somthing like this:

Anonymous said...

32 Deaths and still haven't reached Mom yet.

Daniel said...

Hey Edmund.
Is it possible to add steam Cloud to the Game or Save the Progress online? Because I wanted to play on another Computer and had to Start without all unlocks and stuff on that Computer again...
And I killed mom in the Second try. That's something I didn't reach on my original pc yet. So I'm asking myself if it is better to Play more with that Save or with the other One :D
and by the Way: awesome game!

SlaterDies said...

For some reason (even the patched version) sometimes all of my stats and collection get erased. I can't tell when this happens,,, but I spend a long time building up the stats/collection and unlocking characters then it all gets erased. Is there a file somewhere that I can backup so these items stay?

SlaterDies said...

OK. I figured it out...I use Chrome browser and I have this Chrome extension that deletes my cookies, temp files, etc. It does this every time I close my browser. I've disabled it for now, but I can tell it to not delete certain things... what should I tell it not to delete? temp files? Can I move the save data file elsewhere so it doesn't do this if I turn it back on (like drag it to my desktop, and drag it back in its rightful place).

Daniel said...

Search for Flash Player in your Users Folder and then go into Shared objects and then into the Next Folder. There should Be something like lo.sol and/or so.sol inside. As I Found out that should Be your savegame...

Anonymous said...

just finished the game with ???.
what does the D6 do?
i used it and nothing happened.

anon said...

Not sure if you're checking here, Edmund, but the save problem still persists in some form after the latest update (2nd update through Steam, I believe).

This time, upon first launch, stats, secrets and items persisted from the previous state.

Upon second launch, stats, secrets and items had *all* reset to zero.

Upon third launch, stats and items remained at zero, but secrets and endings were again showing the previous state. (1 ending found, 7 secrets).

Is this inconsistency a hint toward anything?

Are you now saving these different types of info in different save files?

(I have a so.sol in my localhost directory, but no lo.sol. And I see a serial.txt in The Binding of Isaac directory. I had no browsers running during these tests, so there's no way there's any interference from browser plugins).

Would you mind typing up a blog post spelling out what's being saved in each file? I'm thinking of just deleting all of them, uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that solves anything.

anon said...

Oh, and forgot to add:
As of Update 2, every time the game is launched the settings revert to AZERTY and lefty mode being automatically ON.

SlaterDies said...


Thanks for the feedback. In my Chrome extension I told it not to delete "Flash Local Shared Objects" and my saves save now.


Kid said...

OMG I WANT SO MUCH these plushes ! I hope there will be a way to buy them from Europe.

Anonymous said...

I am having issues with this game on OSX. I purchased the game through the Humble Voxatron Bundle and when I run The Binding of Isaac on OSX, nothing happens other than the icon flashes in the dock for a while.

When I try to run the game from the terminal, I get 'failed with error -10810'.

I have installed the game in /Applications/Games/

Cokeaddict said...

i have been playing the Binding of Isaac for a while on my mac, and apart from the fact that i cant get any achievements, i was having fun. then comes the steam gift thing, and now i am having a pain since i wasted few hours trying to beat Krampus, and actually beating him, but getting nothing. the gift thing is about to end, and i really want those tf2 hats... i know i cant get them for sure, but i dont want to tell myself that i just wasted my time trying. please unlock my achievement....

thuytien said...

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Infinitends said...

Ed bro, please , BOI and BOIR are now on cult statues , you really can't remove the soundtrack vibes of Danny and leave the audio direction to newbies, the sfx are fine , but the music is HORRIBLE to say the least , this is no Danny , the music of either smb or boi are the soul of your games , they engage in ways i cannot overstate,
please do something , i usualy mute the music now and just play either smb or boi old tracks , i know it's only v1 of the build , but please - change the soundtrack to something more engaging , even the boss fights tunes are lame . dude please :) either go to the music director and bitch slap him or call Danny ASAP
love Rebirth.

Distant Admiration
Attack Fly

Anonymous said...

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