Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The indie Manifesto

So i wrote this "Do's and Don'ts Manifesto" for Gamasutra that went live today. It basically sums up my personal direction as an artist, and touches on things ive learned from over the past 10 years. The list might not apply to everyone, but i do believe a lot of the points can also be applied to many/all artistic fields and for me its something i try to stick to as much as i can when i work.

Either way, its my little new years gift you all of you creative folk. I get asked for advise a lot by people starting out and usually have nothing to say, other then to be honest. Being honest is not only vital but the core of everything when it comes to creativity, honesty is what creates heart, substance and the "Je ne sais qua" feel that turns a good art into great art.

So honesty is number 1, there are 23 others, check out the full list below and tell me what you think.


(oh, special thanks to Anna for editing this list)


William said...

This is a very great list, but it's also a little bit disturbing (and not very "indie", if we talk about freedom) to call them DOs and DON'Ts. As you said, honesty is the most important one. Well, that's mine.

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