Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Flash Exporter!

Tommy unveiled his super "flash to console" exporter tool. a tool that will basically let me do all my art and animations in flash, then with a click of a button Tommys tool exports out all my work into a single png file that gets magically rerouted into the game exactly as it was in flash.

he put together a little video explaining in depth how the process works, i highly recommend you check it out because you just might learn something.

Its an amazing tool that we will be using extensively for super meat boy and basically every game we make together from now on.

im trying to get Tommy to post a video of the SMB level editor.. but believe the content in it is a little too adult to be uploaded to youtube... we shall see.

In other news, No Quarter (Hitler's Must Die!) are currently in the last month of development. We will be putting it up on Steam as close to August 1st as we can, we will be working quite a few 11-12 hour days for the next month, its going to be hellish...


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