Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My pants are creamy

If the nintendo power artical wasnt enough, Super meat boy got the cover of Indie Games Mag this month. I just got my copy in the mail today and am very please to see how well it came out. They also did a 4 page retrospective on my work as well as a very unique interview that really reads like im casualy talking to someone off the street.

(seriously how long do you think can juice that single piece of character art for?)

Buy it now!

I found out today that Alex and I will officaly be going to Pax this year to announce something, some of you might know what this something is.. but there a good chance that what you think we are announcing isnt at all what you assume it is.. its super secret.. shhhhhh.

Either way Tommy and i will also be there demoing Super Meat Boy for the 1st time publicaly! yay for that right?

yay for life! im going to eat some toast D made me... fuck off!

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