Sunday, December 28, 2008

Walkthroughs and updates

I was searching through indie game walkthrough's and i came across one of the 1st (good) walkthrough's for Aether. (spoilers for anyone who hasn't beaten it)

I also found a few videos of people attempting to beat the meat boy map pack, this ones fun to watch, i hope he doesn't give up and finished it because id love to seem him complete the really hard levels.

I also finally got around to updating

FYI, im running out of my collection CDs. Each printing of the cd is limited so once this run is out there will be no more of that version. Basically what this means is when i run out of my current stock that version of the CD will be out of print and a new version with new cover and updated/edited content will be printed. To make room for the new games and content some of the older stuff will be taken out.

So just a heads up for the people out there who are into collecting, once this version is gone, that's it.



The Little One said...

Yeah, you're right, most of the walkthroughs on there are pretty much shit. It's fun watching how people played my level though. :D

I liked the Aether one also, but I would prefer the actual music. :P

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