Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you!

I feel the need to make a Thank you post.

so many of you have really really pulled out all the stops to represent and post about my cd, your support and kind e-mails/comments are greatly appreciated.

honestly i didn't think that many people would care.

Ive send out the 1st shipment of etsy orders today, as a thank you i put a unique drawing/special message and stickers/cards in every order.

From now on though i will only be shipping "special edition" discs to those who order the "special edition", now featured in my etsy shop.

The Special Edition Features a signed copy of the CD with a drawing and secret message from me, as well as 2 stickers, cards and whatever else i find laying around when im stuffing them.

Im also now offering a "whole sale" price for bulk orders over 10 copies. Bulk orders sell for 70$ for 10 CDs, so you save 30 bucks (great for xmas!)

so again, thanks.

you guys have really made this month awesome



kmh said...

I hope my copy is already flying to Poland :)

Take care!

James Marshall said...

Great... Another Christmas where I give my family and friends more reasons to commit me.

Rick said...

After seeing the trailer for your cd on www.gametrailers.com I am extremely impressed. Unfortunately I have never seen your work until today, but I will be purchasing the disc very soon.

Best of luck on the sales!

XUN said...

You're really a genius!
I had played some of your games, the graphics, ideas and control and everything are all GREAT! I'm trying to start making flash games, but it's really hard. I wish I can be as great as you in the future... and be an independent artist too. But I wonder whether the society will give me enough space. Anyway, your disc worth much more than its price, I'll purchase it when I'm making money :)

Danielleorama said...

My hand hurts :)