Friday, November 14, 2008

Limited Edition Dead Baby Plush!!

So as some of you know, Danielle (my wife) has been doing all the shipping of the cds, so i wanted to take the opportunity to give her "mad props" for being so awesome and taking on the hellish job of filling out and mailing all your packages their far far away destinations.

Speaking of Danielle, i just put up a SUPER SPECIAL EDITION CD PACKAGE!!!!, this one comes with a handmade dead baby plush doll made by the eternally awesome Danielleorama.

We are also selling the larger plush dead baby dolls separately to those of you who might have already ordered the "not so special" edition ive been selling for the past 5 days.

they are super awesome and very limited, so grab them while you can!



Jacob said...

cool pictures

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