Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goo! and more

So Tommy Refenes (of Goo! and Grey Matter fame) came down to Santa Cruz last week to work on some games and "chill". Having him down here has been awesome, we started work on our little ipod game, mapped out what we are going to do for our next flash game and are currently trying to get something going for the next tig compo.

He leaves tomorrow, but will be heading back in feb. hopefully for a while. it would be awesome to have him work with us on Gish 2 and maybe even a few little console games ......

in other news, i did a fun little interview with Destructoid last week, i forgot to post it.

Check it out here


PS: Super special editions of the CD are going out a little late because of their high demand.. Danielle can only make dead baby plushes so fast!


Danielleorama said...

I think I may have witnessed a full fledged bromance :)

danyukhin said...

I think I know what you guys are goina work on next =O