Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Ass Kicker

So it hasn't officially been announce on our blog (i should probably do that soon) but i was a little too pleased with what i was working on not to share.

So basically Alex and i are doing a "album" of games 4-6 easy to pick up games that are mildly based on old arcade games. The animation below is a the start of a sprite sheet from a prototype called "gun", nothing is set in stone as far as what prototypes will work out for the final game, so dont get your hopes up!

Right now hes just called the ass kicker, kinda a combo of Punisher and Snake Plissken. If all goes well theres a good chance he will be going up against Hitler!



zproxy said...

I like the art

tom said...

Use the same guy in all the games, it'll be fun.
I think you could come up with a more classic arcade name than Gun. Well you probably are.
I made a game where you fought Hitler once.

Edmund said...

Yeah, the game isnt going to be called Gun, thats just a place holder till we come up with a real name.

MrTruffle said...

I want to see this guy kill mario and sonic. the weak ass little shits

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