Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Super Meat Boy is now out on xbla!

Well the day has come.

Super Meat Boy is now available on Xbox Live!

Tommy and I put almost 2 years of blood, sweat, and tears into this and I think it's really something that oozes with the blood of artistic independence.

We have released a custom trailer for this special event,

To also add to this special occasion, as a gift to the fans who have supported us through development, we are offering a launch sale,lowering the asking price by 33% till Nov. To my knowledge this is the 1st time that Microsoft has allowed a developer to do something like this and we are very proud to be the 1st.

Super Meat Boy is out now on XBLA for 800 ms points ($10) for a limited time!

To all our fans, please post about our release it would mean the world to us.

Let the world know two men have finally procreated, our baby is born... its' a boy! A meaty one.


For those of you who are still not sold feel free to check out IGN's video review.

and quite possibly the best super meat boy video ive ever seen, Giant Bombs semi video review
(seriously watch this its amazing).

And if those things still have you saying BOORRRING

Check out our metascore of 92!!!! (with 12 reviews)

i love you all.



Anonymous said...

PC version?

Senor_Sausage! said...

This is an absolutely fantastic, yet entirely sadistic game. I've been following your blog for a while, anticipating this games release and man, you guys did not disappoint.

Between the ultra fast-paced gameplay, the great cut scenes, the countless nods to retro games, fucking phenomenal score and the fact that this game will chew you up and spit you out and have you begging for more, I think you guys have gone above and beyond my expectations for this game. I honestly cannot wait to see what what you have planned for the future, though I think you should take a well deserved break.

Bottom line, thanks for making the best xbla game I've played. To anyone reading this, go fucking buy SMB now. It's worth far more than then 10$ I paid, and I would gladly pay it again any day.

P.S. Your comment to Ryan Davis pretty much sums up this game.

"I'm sorry it fucked your mother"

Anonymous said...

/me twiddles thumbs.

I've been following your blog forever too, but where is the PC version? I don't have an xbox360.

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Anonymous said...

meatboy SUCKS go back to tri-achnid 2 douchebags.

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