Saturday, September 25, 2010

1st real post in a long time.

Well 1st off, Super Meat Boy for Xbox is done.

The process was amazingly fun, stressful, overwhelming and mind destroying experience. Developing for console is totally different then deving for Pc, im sure a lot of the reason it was so stressful was the amount of pressure tommy and i put on ourselves and amount of extra work we decided to give ourselves.. but this is our 1st "main stream" game and we both wanted to make sure it went above and beyond and really showed everyone what we could do if we pushed our limits to the max.

Im still recuperating from the last 2 months of 12+ hour a day development with no real breaks (this isnt an over exaggeration). my body aches, my head pounds and my brain is sloshing around in my skull begging for sleep i cant seem to let it have. Ive some how gotten use to about 6 hours of sleep a night, my brain wants more but i cant seem to relax enough to let it happen.

the past 2 days have revolved around me trying to relax. yesterday i decided (for the 1st time in almost 2 years) to pick up a few pens and draw something.

This is what came out.

Not sure what they are but it felt really good to site down and sketch out random thought again.

Technically we have a few more months of work left for the Wii and Pc/Mac version of the game, but they wont be nearly as stressful.

anyway, i survived, i think ive learned a lot.

more on this later.