Saturday, January 16, 2010

You unlocked Flywrench!

We announced last night on our twitter that Flywrench is officially a playable character in Super Meat Boy!

Here are some screens of the animated intro when you find him.

When you find the secret warp zone you get sucked into the low-fi world of Flywrench, where meat boy is infiltrated by the popular flapping protagonist. You control Flywrench through 3 levels that are played out inside meat boys 4bit body. Once completed Flywrench will be avalible at the character select screen to use in any main game level.

Flywrench features the ability to fly for a short amount of time, flapping his wings to gain height and changing colors as he would in the original game.

Flywrench is a popular and critically acclaimed hardcore platformer by Mark Essen (messhof) and can be played on (go play it if you haven't!)

That's 5 down
(Tim, CommanderVideo, Alien Hominid, Gish, Flywrench)
...7(?) to go!

Fear the beard.


Adam Robezzoli said...

Awwwww, yeah... Can't wait to play it, Edmund. It keeps sounding better and better.

soad667 said...

Oh, Flywrench? Cool, that was unexpected. Keep them coming. ;)

Jordan Fehr said...

I grew a beard too! ... though, it's not as epic as that one.

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game fan said...

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