Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Its Time to get Fcuked!

Time Cfuk is a game about stasis, its a game about perspective and viewing both sides of the story from afar, its a game about blocks, platforms, drinking, high school reunions and work time fun.

Time Fcku is a "puzzle platformer" about finding logic in irrelevance, its a 1+1=2 formula that will ask more from you after you leave it alone, its a community experience about communication with people who you dont like.

Time KcuF is not an art game, its an allegorical game about stuff you've never experienced, its an escape from your current existence, its the feeling of loss and panic.

Time Fcuk is a play on how if one changes around the letters in a word even though it means nothing logically, we all still see it as something that its not.

Time Fkuc can be played on, or by clicking this link.


I hope you guys enjoy this one, its another big personal achevement for me. looking foward to playing your levels.

Jesus loves you


Anonymous said...

Hey I am playing time fcuk and it is fcuking awesome (see what I did there?). But after the level "homesick" I just get a blank white screen. Is that you screwing with me or is something wrong?

Edmund said...

its the NG account system. the bug will be fixed tomorrow. right now the game only works if yuo log into

Anonymous said...

Are there other endings besides taking the pill and getting yourself out of the wall?

Edmund said...


coolguy1 said...

is the main character black?

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a standalone version? The one on newgrounds is really laggy for me

Sam Humphries said...

Holy shit your game is a mind fcuk.

Edmund said...

Hes he is black, no standalone yet

coolguy1 said...

so i guess there were only 2 power of 3 submissions? time fcuk and cave of wonders?

that seems off

Pretzel King said...

Out of curiosity, could you maybe put the music from this up as an MP3 file or something? Oh, and the game is awesome.

Unknown said...

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