Sunday, September 6, 2009

Indiecade 2009

So ive been waiting to announce this for a long time.. and im still very confused on whats going on with the announcement.... but Aether is a finalist in Indiecade 2009!

I was told that the finalists would be announced by the 1st.. not too sure whats going on but i really wanted to post about it.. i could be doing something wrong here but, such is life.

Indiecade asked its 2009 finalists for to make a "mini documentary" about our games.. an interview or something along those lines.

So i interviewed my 3 year old niece Acacia, and re-edited it in a way that i felt expressed the theme and mood of Aether.

This game was a huge personal achievement for me as a designer, its one of a few games ive made that i feel have pushed my limits and its the game i feel was by far the most personal piece ive ever done.

Aether was a game based on my child hood, i wanted to make a game that felt how i remember feeling when i was between the ages of 5 and 7. There was a great deal of though and personal expression that went into almost every aspect of the game, even thought it only took 14 days for Tyler and myself to finish.

If you haven't played Aether yet, please do. you can play it online Here.

Aether was the 3rd in a series of games id done that i felt pushed emotional and abstract aspects of game design, the first 2 being Triachnid and Coil. It was also 2nd in in a series of allegorical games based off of my personal life (Coil, Aether, Spewer and Time Fuck).

Anyway it makes me feel pretty good inside for Aether to be recognized this way, i hope to one day finish the story with a full version of it.

But right no my life is filled with Meat.



Ameefmu said...

I'd love to know how Spewer was influenced by your life!

Edmund said...

in a way Spewer was an allegorical story Loosely based around the conflicting feelings of doing Gish 2 and Super Meat Boy for console.. i was basically just puking up the same stuff id done in the past and selling out for the greater good..

Spewer is about self sacrifice, or really making a sacrifice for the greater good. I could just stay in the flash scene and make weird games that push my limits.. but i run the risk of being poor the rest of my life, or i could make the move to console games but have to play it a lot more safe and reuse formulas that ive done before so i could live more comfortably, but also have someone watching my everymove.

hope that makes sense.

Ameefmu said...

Makes perfect sense. I didn't really consider the self sacrifice aspect of Spewer. It's great how games can be deeply analyzed that way, I'd rather do that than analyze the literature I'm studying.

OT a bit: I love how your games integrate the characters from each other. Any chance of seeing Spewer in Gish2 or something similar? (or would that be telling?)
I also really hope there's a computer option for SMB and Gish2, hoping so hard that it hurts.

Fuzz said...

well you're in luck, smb and gish2 will both come as digital downloads and special edition cd's a la cry for help.

source: edmund.

Louis F. said...

Even though we can't tell how much of the "interview" was prepared in advance, the words of your daughter and the way she says them just SCREAMS the kind of childhood glee that Aether is full of. In terms of reflecting a theme and atmosphere, I can definitely see where you're coming from with this, and I think you found a great and original way to publicize your great and original game.

Edmund said...

Im sure you will see most of my characters some where in super meat boy :)

oh and SMB will be PC as well as wiiware.

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