Friday, August 14, 2009

Mom plays meat boy

My mom and pregnant sister came by the office yesterday and played a beta of Super Meat Boy on the wii.. heres a video of it.

oh and a few hours later my sister went into labor... coincidence? i think not.

Im now an uncle, Again!



soad667 said...

Hehe, a unique beta testing video for sure! I loved the mini gameplay review: "you have to press left, you have to press right, and jump, jump, jump".

Keep it up! ;)

xaq404 said...

Super Meat Boy has caused the miracle of birth to occur in edmund's sister! did the baby have a controller in it's hand?

sixtyfps said...

Please tell me you've got a Steam deal in the cards. I would buy the fuck out of that.

Edmund said...

im telling you we have a steam deal in the cards

Anonymous said...

Very sweet testing! Can't wait for the game to come out (I'm a pc)

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