Monday, June 8, 2009


i was reading the indiegames blog and they showed a few video of final bosses in indie games. i felt the need to post this.
Its a video of the final boss of Cereus Peashy, the first video game i ever started working on. Originally programmed by Castle Crashers creator Tom Fulp, and later remade by Caulder Bradford. sadly the fact that it was one of my first designs means its horrible flawed... honestly playing it now makes me realize how little i knew about games back then.. but its still kinda pretty, so yeah, i doubt many got that far in it so there's the vid bitches.

you can play the full game here.



Steve O said...

It would be interesting to know what exactly it is that you consider to be flaws in the design of the game.

I gave it a go and I have to say I love the artistic style and the moving and jumping around all felt quite nicely honed.

My one bugbear with it though was the level of difficulty. I think I managed to die about 3 times on the second enemy I encountered, which seems a bit harsh for what felt like a tutorial level. Then I managed to kill myself by falling onto something that I wasn't sure if it would be deadly or not.

I'm all for difficult games, as they can be fun by virtue of the level of challenge present, but it kind of felt like this wasn't really intended to be such a difficult game. Does it get any easier later on? (i.e. can you get more health or reach checkpoints or anything) Perhaps it was intended to be difficult, as I suppose it would fit the theme of the game which is anything but pleasant ;)

Maybe that was not was you were referring to, if not, I'd be interested in hearing what you didn't like about it.

Still, looks like it was a good step along the path of learning game design skills :)


Steve O

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