Monday, May 18, 2009

Update Time!

Super Meat Boy has finally gotten some mainstream press in Game Informer this month posting the 1st "in game" screen shot of meat boy getting ground into paste. Its awesome to finally have my work in such a large magazine in the US. I was even more pleased to find out they also put my CD "This is a cry for help" in their gear section! pretty nutty stuff.. that said because of the mention im down to my last small box of CDs... honestly anyone who wants to buy one please do so know because they will be totally sold out very soon.

Ill reprint the cd again sometime next year with updated content.. but it will be a while before i get the time to do so, think of the current version as a limited print.

Spewer won indie game of the week on Bytejacker this week, pretty surprising seeing as it was going up against one of Alec's best games as well as one of the prettiest flash games ive ever seen.

Also in other Spewer news... Spewer is now the highest rated game of all time on Im sure its status wont last that long but its still an awesome feeling, seeing as the closest ive ever gotten to #1 was back in 2001 with Destination egg(one of my 1st animations)... i think it got as high as 8th for like 2 days :).

the next 2 months ill be hard at work finishing No Quarter, working on SMB and jumping back into Gish 2 development... BTW heres a video update on Track 1 of No Quarter, Hitlers Must Die!.
i should have some awesome Gish 2 news in the next month or so.. heres a hint.



Jeroen Dessaux said...

Awesome Edmund, love your stuff, and that 1st place is well deserved on Newgrounds.

Btw are you going to release a map pack for Spewer?

My map:

And I want that pillow.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jeebus! Squishy Gish! Count me in!

Gee said...

omg! plushie gish!

Katz said...

I also noticed they mentioned Alien Hominid would be a playable character...
even though it was kind of obvious...
You didn't mention it here :(

Awesome though that your in the magazine...

Will the new updated CD be good enough to buy again?

Anonymous said...


I need those gish plushies.

Anonymous said...

Gish 2! Can't wait! The most expected game ever. At least around here :-) I kept playing Gish forever, over and over, it's so much fun, looked for secrets or just bounced around :-)

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