Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hitlers Must Die!

We officialy announced the title of the 1st track of No Quarter on the Cryptic Sea blog today. The game is called "Hitlers Must Die" and i went ahead and posted the ingame story intro along with the announcment today. (Check out the blog for the full story)

we are entering the 1st full playable beta of No Quarter in Pax10 and Indiecade next week. Wish us luck!



Eli said...

Wow; quite the list. I think I would honestly be the most excited to see Grub venture forth into the light.

Mostly interesting looking stuff in there. I'll have to scan those screen shots a few more times for sure!


Eli said...

So, I going to point out the obvious and note that I wrote my comment on the wrong post.

I feel the fool.