Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Im recouping from GDC... im in love with my peers and motivated by the industry as a whole!

I had a great time and especially loved my intimate interactions with my new fav indie devs, Reagen, Daniel, Petri, Cactus and Anna. you guys have refilled my faith in the indie scene.

Danielle took like 200 photos of the event.. here are some.


Daphne got people to wear diapers and i held them like babies.


i also have a series of indie closeups as well..


the end


Tristan Sregor said...

Those abs can't be real, right? Just goddamn!

Eighth Ronin said...

Hey! you met Kojima! that's pretty awesome man. Glad you had a good time and had your faith renewed. I was worried after I watched the IGF awards, not because you didn't win, but because of the horrendous joke the guy made right before your category.

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