Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Merch!

So secretly last week D posted 3 new items on my Etsy shop, some of you seem to have already found out and ordered a ton of the buttons, but here is the official announcement.

New to the store:

Coil Print (gold):

The Coil print is a 9'' x 5.5'' 2 color screen print. This print is a limited run of 30.

Button Grab Bag:

10 randomly assorted 1'' buttons featuring art from all my games and other selected work. There are over 200+ different buttons so you wont get any doubles in your orders.

C Word Button set:

8 1'' buttons featuring art from "The C word".

As usual all the new content is handmade by myself and/or Danielleorama

Anyone who has missed the other items that have gone up in the past weeks be sure to check out my Etsy Shop.



Anonymous said...

I was the first person to order the new stuff.

I was the guy who bought three packs of the butttons.

I can't wait to check 'em out!

Edmund said...

I just packed up your buttons :)... i should probably start making more now...

Gee said...

awesome buttons, that print is hot.

Katz said...

I can't decide between Fetus shirt, Coil print, and button set...

~ Elijah Katz

Edmund said...

its best to just buy them all :)

Anonymous said...

I love buttons! Bring some to the Flash Gaming Summit, please, I'd love to buy some =)

Unknown said...

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