Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best of 2008 Nominations

Jay is games has started taking Votes for the best indie games of 2008!

Aether is up for Best Adventure

Coil is up for Interactive Art

Meat Boy is up for best Platformer

And somehow Gish is up for best Action (almost 5 years after it was released :) )

Over all the games listed are really the best indies released this year, so please check it out and vote for your faves! it will be interesting to see how similar the results will be to the IGF finalists.

Go Vote now!

In other news heres a little screen shot from one of the 2 flash games im currently working on. Its still untitled but im making it with Eli(of stranded fame)and its shaping up to be a memorable and fun experience.

Fluid dynamics FTW!