Sunday, March 14, 2010


Finally back from 5 days of GDC insanity, by far the best one yet.

As per usual im back from it filled with love and inspiration ready to get right back to work on my one true calling making antisocial art for socially "wiggly" and mind blowingly talented like minded creative's and enthusiasts.

I drew this picture a few months ago, pictured is just a hand full of people i feel proud to call friends. its of course missing many (namely ones who made this gdc awesome, Terry, Jordan, Anthony, Andy, Dappy, Jamie, Sparky, Amon and Steve Webee) but you all are awesome and perfect at what you do.

A big congrats to Cactus, whos game i love and i knew would win from the moment i played it a while back.

ok back to work.